Online Advanced Marketing is one of the premier digital agencies in the State of Florida and the State of Georgia. However, we are a global company and are not limited to a single area. We specialize in bringing to life the visions of your company and your brand. The process starts by identifying your goals, we then create and implement the ideal strategy to engage your audience, afterwards we analyze and optimize your digital presence.

The ultimate goal is our client’s success, that is the reason why our creativity and knowledge is of tremendous value. Whether you’re in need of Custom Web Design or you need Search Engine Optimization, Online Advanced Marketing is your solution.


We are Wordpress experts. Using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress allows for complete customization. We can build anything from single page Portfolio websites to complex E-Commerce sites. OAM is also extremely skilled in CSS, HTML & PHP.


Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO) is the most powerful online marketing tool. Our strategy includes on and off page optimization, search engine verification, creating high quality backlinks, becoming locally listed, & more. Our knowledge will help you succeed!



Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a powerful method of driving traffic to your site. Are you interested in seeing your website instantly show up at the top of Google or Bing? If you don’t want to spend money or time on organic Search Engine Optimization, choose one of our PPC marketing plans.


Maintaining your website is an extremely critical aspect of your online presence. Without maintenance your website can stop working and become invisible. This will lead to a loss of revenue because your target audience may not be able to reach you or buy your product.


Our hosting & security services provide you with E-Mail addresses, protection against hackers, monthly-backups, upgradable bandwidth, server disk space, cloud hosting & more. Our mission is to protect our client & make sure their sites are secure.


Standing out and making an impression on your customers is crucial. An effective brand identity will leave a lasting impression on consumers and boost sales. People make split second judgements about your company based on your design! Let us help you create the correct identity for success!




Our templates are perfect for new businesses, non-profits, and individuals with lower budgets. Don’t Worry! The templates are customizable for when your needs grow. Our model sites include Single Page Portfolio Sites, Single Residence Real Estate Sites, Local Business Sites, E-Commerce Sites, and more! Please press the browse button below…



After you pick your favorite template, contact us. We then initiate the design development stage. We begin by taking a 50% deposit. Next we send an email outling what information is needed from you. Usually we need your, address, phone number. email address, logo, photos, color scheme, etc. The more material we have, the less time it takes for your site.



After we receive all of your information, we begin the process of building your site. Our normal turn around time is less than 7 days on our template packages! Once completed, we go over the site and make sure that you are satisfied. If you request revisions, we can do so either for an hourly fee or if it’s included in your package. Finally, your site goes live!


“”I was able to have my site up and running in just a matter of days. It would have taken me months to do something like this without the help of Online Advanced Marketing. Their customer support is incredible and the process was easier than I thought. I am so pleased with my website. Thanks Jason and Josh.”

Aaron Parker

“I couldn’t be happier about how my website turned out. It’s beautifully designed and was created so quickly! What these guys do is a miracle!!”


“I first met Jason when he first started web development. I didn’t need him until a couple of years later. He created my fashion blog that has given me tremendous success. I couldn’t be more grateful for him and his knowledge. Thanks a lot!”



Jason started the business as a freelance web designer back in 2008. At the time he was young, full of spirit and talent. He knew that he wanted to help clients with this skills and passion because that is what is truly rewarding for him. Fast-forward to 2009 when he met Josh while working on a project for one of Josh’s businesses. The two immediately clicked and both knew that combining forces would become more valuable to existing customers and new customers alike.

As the Creative Director of the company, Josh is truly a visionary. He is absolutely meticulous and demands that the projects they work on are held to the highest standard. Jason, the Head Web Developer or Webmaster as he likes to be called, is extremely vigilant with his work. Jason is also the best problem solver and is obsessed with providing the right answer.

Online Advanced Marketing genuinely enjoys working to create a better brand for you!


Our vision is to create success for our clients through innovative marketing. As our world continously transforms, so do we. We constantly monitor what is trending and in many cases, create what is trending!


Our mission is to create visually stunning websites and engaging content that capture the target audience of our customers. We strive to get results for your business.


Whether you are a mom & pop business or a multi-national corporation, our goal is to increase the traffic to your company, which in turn creates more sales and a better bottom-line.


Online Advanced Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency that will guide you through the constantly evolving digital world. We will help you create a significant web presence that will boost your business!


Our work ranges from simple one page websites to extremely complex websites with backend functionality. OAM has worked on straightforward contractor websites that display the scope of their work, past work, and contact information. We have also created complex websites for real estate brokerages and individual agents that integrate Internet Data Exchange (IDX)/Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) feeds and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Online Advanced Marketing’s ability is limitless and we do enjoy a challenge!

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