First impressions matter. When someone visits your website or when you give someone your business card, that person makes an immediate judgement. A well-designed brand image will make you credible in the eyes of others.  Design can also tell a story about your company. The story can be the location of your business, the type of business you have, and whether or not you have a classic brick & mortor business or something more modern like a start-up. Good design makes a companies brand identity recognizable as well as memorable. Investing in a well-designed logo or business card converts potential customers into actual customers and sales. For new businesses, spending the money upfront can save money in the long run, it can even prevent your business from failure.

Business Cards

A business card is the first expression of your brand. A memorable design conveys more information about your company than just a phone number or an e-mail. A business card is also the most effective direct marketing tool that you have. An imaginative business card can and will be shared, it will create more exposure for your brand!

Logo Design

Logo’s are the most prominent visual aspect of business marketing. Your company’s Logo is the most important representation of your company because it enforces brand recognition & creates brand loyalty.  The Logo also becomes indentifiable with your target audience which helps convert potential leads to sales. Our logos are handcrafted & undoubtebly build outstanding brand recogniton!




Email signature

A well designed Email Signature reflects the brand identity of a business just as much as newsletters, business cards, etc. In today’s business environment, we are constantly Emailing others. By having a Email Signature that is professionally designed, enforcing your brand helps convey consistency & competence. E-mail signatures also display links that help increase lead generation!


The Email newsletter is the most powerful and cost effective method of reaching your customers about your products and services. The newsletter design can determine the success of your campaign and how much revenue can be created. The physical design of the newsletter is important because it keeps the user engaged. In addition, displaying brand identity across all platforms improves the image of your business.


Social Media pages are another extension of your brand and the majority of your customers visit those pages frequently. Therefore, it is extremely important to display brand consitency which can be achieved through a well designed banner. Additionally, we can create relevant custom-designed banners that are seasonal or that promote a single product or sale, which helps to keep your customer engaged.


Website banners are important because they create a single focus point for the consumer. Website banners are usually the first thing to be noticed on a webpage along with your logo.  Moreover, creating a Website Banner that captivates your audience is critical because you only have a limited amount of time to secure the interest of your visitors and encourage further browsing.


Brochure & Menu design brings attention to your products, thereby capturing the attention of customers who browse through them. The designs can have specific call to actions that increase sales or highlight specific products that have larger profit margins. Your Brochure or Menu is another extension of your brand, another way to enforce brand recognition.


Even if a product is the best in the world, poor packaging can and will prevent sales. Packaging is usually your customers first point of contact with your product. A well designed package may help make a consumer try a new product they’ve never heard of. Great packaging is extremely important for new businesses because it has a direct impact on their sales and their appeal.


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