In order to have your website organically ranked on Google takes a lot of work, time and money. For new and established business, Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, is a guaranteed strategy for first page Search Engine results. PPC is a form of online advertising. PPC works by having the advertiser pay if someone clicks your ad. Usually, the ad takes the form of an organically searched URL. PPC is a very cost-effective strategy for targeting a very specific audience, your potential customers. Combining PPC with SEO and Social Media management when initially creating an online prescense is the best practive for effective marketing. Once, we have ranked your site organically through SEO, many of our clients stop PPC because you are already on the first page.




Being on the first page of Google maximizes the effectiveness of your online prescense. How many times have you searched for a local business & found what you are searching for on the 4th page? Almost never! PPC allows you to be on the 1st page  & which increases conversion.



By inreasing your online presence through combination of Social Media & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your brand excels! You are constantly targeting your customers in a collective approach, which enforces brand awareness. Customers see uniform branding across all platforms! 



Communicating with your audience is essential in today’s world. Constant engagement increases the likelihood of producing customers & preserves relationships with existing customers. We are specialists at generating exposure!



PPC gives you the ability to advertise on multiple web platforms, not just Google Searches. PPC gives you the ability to put your adds on places like, YouTube, G-Mail, Amazon & many more. Additionally, the ads that are displayed can be designed around your brand, increasing your brand exposure.


How much do I pay when someone clicks on my ads?

To begin with, you will create a maximum budget of how much you want to spend per month on advertising. Next, we will work with you to determine how many keywords and what keywords will drive the most traffic to your site. Once we have established your budget and the number of keywords you are targeting, we will then create a maximum budget per key word. The Cost Per Click Bid is the most of money you will pay for an individual click. Additionally, we can create a Total Daily budget amount. Moreover, every time someone clicks on your advertisement for your specific key word, you will pay the amount associated (your bid price) with the specific key word. The bid prices can vary greatly and they range from a minimum bid of $0.10 per click to over $100.00 per click. PPC management is an art form and at Online Advanced Marketing, we are extremely skillful at getting results.

How long does it take to create a campaign?

Usually it takes between 5 and 7 business days for us to formulate an effective PPC campaign. We begin by developing the proper strategy for your company and your brand. Next we create the campaign. After that we go over the campaign with you and get your final approval. Then, we launch the campaign and monitor your success. However, if there are underperforming keywords once the campaign has launched, we will then alter those keywords to make your advertising more effective.

How do you find the best keywords to use in an ad?

Creating your PPC campaign takes a substantial amount of time and the most amount of time is spent on keyword development. We utilize the Google Keyword Planner in order run successful campaigns and the reason we do this is because it is the most powerful resource we have at our fingertips. We search popular keywords that are targeted towards your audience and narrow down which keywords are the best for your needs. In many cases, we will search for long-tail keyword, instead of direct keywords, because the competition for the bid price is usually lower and the results are just as lucrative.

Can I target my PPC ad?

Yes, you can definitely target your PPC ads. In fact, that is what makes PPC advertising one of the most powerful online resources available. You can target your audience by their location, by what type of device their using (mobile, tablet, desktop), by what language they speak, by the time of day or what days, and many more. If we didn’t think PPC advertising was successful we wouldn’t advertise that as one of our services!

Do you offer discounts on monthly plans?

Yes we do! We offer discounts if you have multiple websites using our monthly PPC plans. The discount is limited to 10% off our regular fee. We also offer an additional discount if you refer a new client to Online Advanced Marketing. The referral discount is 15% off 1 months bill. If you are already receiving a discount for having multiple sites, you cannot combined the referral discount and multiple website discount, we will extend the 15% off discount only for 1 month and the following months bill will go back to 10%.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Customer support is offered between the hours of 8AM and 6PM EST, Monday through Friday. If you require support after hours, we charge an hourly fee of $195/hour.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! If you are an existing customer on a monthly plan you will receive a 15% discount on your next bill following the purchase from your referral. If you are not a customer, you will receive a 10% discount on any single future purchase. Only 1 month of monthly service can be included in the discount. In order for us to provide a future discount you will need to fill out the referral form below.

Referral Form

How do I get started?

Contact us and we will have a free PPC advertising consultation. We will discuss which plans we think are right for you and your company and then you will choose which plan you is right for you. Next, you will make payment. We then will gather all the information that is needed to begin a successful advertising campaign. In a matter of no time, you and your clients will see your ads on the first page of the search engine of your choice!


If you have any additional questions about our services, we are here to help! Call Us or E-Mail Us! We are in the office between 9am-6pm M-F EST.


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